How to use Google Calendar and Pano to streamline your customer communication

Never have another awkward customer meeting again with Pano and Google Calendar

Breena Fain

If you’re anything like our team, there are many touch points a customer experiences throughout their lifecycle. And each one matters on the road to satisfaction. Whether they are automated welcome emails, onboarding calls, live demos, or product feedback interviews — each interaction is an opportunity to provide a wonderful experience and deepen that relationship. On the flip side, when these interactions are ill-timed or aren’t providing value, things can slip into frustration very quickly.

The problem is that as a company starts to grow, everything moves faster and those customer interactions can feel increasingly transactional and, sometimes, a bit haphazard. This can be caused by many things, but one major issue is lack of alignment across teams. Aka — The right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.

For example, sales may be reaching out to a customer to upsell them while support is trying to resolve a billing issue, all at the same time product has a Zoom call scheduled to get feedback on a new feature. And no one is aware of what the other person is doing. These siloed interactions create a lot of confusion for not only your teams, but the customer as well — leading to frustration on all fronts.

This problem is something all growing companies face, and it’s tough because everyone is using different systems to track their interactions with customers — so it can feel impossible to have any real visibility. But working together to create a cohesive experience for the customer is the only real way to build connection and loyalty. This is what we’re focused on providing at Pano.

Pano provides your team with a way to easily see — across all your tools — the key customer insight you need to provide the best experience for your customers. While we have a number of integrations and ways you can customize your view, I want to talk to you about one of my favorites — Google Calendar.

When you connect Google Calendar with Pano, you’re able to see every customer meeting across your entire company. If it was scheduled, you’ll see it. That alone may not seem groundbreaking, but this is also visible in the context of email communication, upcoming meetings, bill payments, product usage and more. Here are a few key use cases: 

Keep tabs on key customers

Say you have a few key customers you want to stay on top of — any time that customer schedules a meeting with a teammate, you can setup a signal in Pano to alert you. This is great if you are an executive who wants to join any time someone is meeting with that person, or if you are waiting on word about an unpaid bill and would like to slip in a note to a colleague who has a meeting scheduled.

Aggregate needs in one meeting

Another great example is if you are on a product team and want feedback from a power user and they are also up for renewal. You may see that an account manager already has a meeting scheduled next week, which gives you the perfect opportunity to hop on directly, or send a few questions along through your colleague.

Check last contact and interaction

The last way that I like to use it is to check when the last contact was with a customer and who it was. In Pano, this is a combination of Google Calendar alongside communication tools such as Gmail and our Zendesk integration for support ticket tracking. So if I want to reach out to a customer about a case study, I check their profile in Pano and see who spoke to them last and when. Then, I reach out to that teammate and ask them how things are going with that customer and whether it’d be a good time to reach out. This way, it helps make sure I’m not reaching out blind and it connects me and my team on a central goal for that customer.

While it seems like a simple integration, this kind of clarity can mean the difference between fatiguing a customer with too much outreach and providing an incredibly streamlined experience that delights them! We love how this works in tandem with all our other integrations to provide a complete view — what do you think?

Breena Fain
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