Built for customer-obsessed executives

One thing competitors can’t replicate is the experience you provide.

Get a bird’s-eye view of key accounts

When you don’t have time to log into multiple customer data platforms, Pano gives you a simple customer snapshot in seconds.

Quick search

Ditch the multiple logins and see everything you need to know about a customer in seconds.


View the full history of a customer’s journey including activity and interactions.


Customize your dashboard so you only see the data important to you.

Stay in the loop

When issues escalate, you want clear accountability and a quick resolution. Pano integrates with all your customer data tools giving you one place to do just that.

A screenshot of a customer named Bonnie Lee inside Pano


Set up alerts and know exactly when a potential upsell opportunity is approaching or when a customer is at risk of churning.

Open support tickets

Get a quick status on support tickets in the context of a customer’s profile.


See who has been interacting with a customer and work together to solve any problems.

Differentiate your value

Stay ahead of the competition by making every employee as customer-focused as you are.

A screenshot of a customer named Bonnie Lee inside Pano

Get the full picture of a customer