Security matters

Our approach to software development ensures our customers are in control of their data and that their information is safe.

We only sync the data you need

We only pull in high-level metadata from your apps for a snapshot and timeline of the customer journey. To see which details are pulled from each app, check out our integrations.

We use multiple layers of security to protect your customer data

Our systems employ extensive security measures across all components to ensure the privacy and protection of your customer information.

Passwordless login

Instead of using a password (which can be insecure), Pano sends you a unique login code each time you access.

Data encryption

Your asset details are highly protected at all times with bank level 256-bit encryption from start to finish.

Secure hosting

Pano uses AWS as our external security hosting provider with standards verified by independent third-party examination reports.

Data ownership

Pano will only access your data at your request. To protect your data from unauthorized access, we have logs with alerts set to notify us of suspicious activity.

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