Where support teams go to connect the dots

With Pano you’re not just resolving issues — you’re delivering a positive experience.

Gain better context of a customer’s issue

Pano seamlessly connects your company’s support system with the rest of your tech stack, giving you a complete picture in one place.


View the full history of a customer’s journey including activity and interactions.


See who else has spoken to a customer for added help.

Product usage

Quickly access customer activity for better responses.

Optimize the resolution process

Pano helps you streamline your process, giving you the context you need to help every customer.

A screenshot of a customer named Bonnie Lee inside Pano

Browser extension

See the full view of a customer without ever leaving your chosen support platform.


Customize your dashboard so you only see the data important to you.

Automated tasks

Create tasks for your team based on certain parameters you set in Pano.

Improve the customer experience

Keeping customers happy has never been easier with Pano by your side.

A screenshot of a customer named Bonnie Lee inside Pano

Get the full picture of a customer