Pano 2.0 is live with proactive alerts

Check out our new proactive alerts and other features built for speed.

Breena Fain

The gift giving season has come early this year! We’ve officially launched Pano 2.0 along with an updated design as well as some exciting new features. The biggest one being Pano Signals — proactive alerts you can customize by team and individual.

Much of what we offered before is still there, but with a more focused direction on being proactive. We want to make sure we’re helping your team know exactly what to focus on. Custom proactive alerts, collaborative notes, usage data, and a better overall design help you see exactly which customers to focus on and when. Be sure to log  into Pano to try out the new digs or check out this walk-through video we made.

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing:

Proactive alerts that you can personalize

The queen of all features — Pano Signals. Signals are custom proactive alerts that help you know which customers are at risk of churning and which are primed for expansion. You can set these alerts to be based on any customer action or event from your tech stack. Whether it’s an upcoming renewal or open support tickets or adding a new license to their account, whatever your customer is doing — you’ll know right away.

Better design for faster access to data

Usability and design is a big part of what makes Pano unique. Our goal is to provide you with an approachable solution that packs a punch. Now, you’ll see your Signals and Segments right away and the customer snapshot highlights the data you care about most. You can drag-and-drop the data on each snapshot and personalize what you see. These may seem like small tweaks, but save a ton of time throughout your week. (Rhyming unintended.)

Customer usage data in context

Knowing your customer’s activity is one thing, but seeing it in the context of your full tech stack is what makes Pano unique. We take usage data and make it easy to see alongside key insights like revenue, number of open support tickets, call recordings, when they were last contacted, etc. You’ll have the full picture of what is happening with each customer and why.

Centralized customer notes

Call notes, meeting notes, internal conversation notes, added context notes, notes about their dissatisfaction, notes about opportunities, feature request notes, notes on Google docs, Salesforce notes, notes on your phone, notes in Slack, notes in emails — we cannot live like this!

Tracking notes across teammates has become an insufferable process. We want to make your life easier and here’s how we’re doing that. You can add custom notes in Pano PLUS pull in notes from your other systems. Any time you leave a note in your CRM, it’ll automatically sync to Pano, and vice versa. You can also create an executive summary in a customer snapshot where you can put the key customer objectives and any pertinent information about your customer that everyone must know. Take a deep breath, a better way of note-taking is here.

Breena Fain
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