Pano is live!

We’re super pumped to share this latest project with you and eager to hear your feedback!

Breena Fain

Hey y’all! Breena here from Plain Sight Ventures (Makers of Pano). We’re super pumped to share this latest project with you and eager to hear your feedback!

At PSV, we’re committed building super simple tools that help people in their everyday jobs. We’re a small team focused on simplifying how we use technology to work and build products like Pano to do so.

Pano was born out of this need to see customer data quickly without logging into a bunch of platforms and apps to do so. Or having a million tabs open like Salesforce, Stripe, Gmail, Intercom… you get it.

If a CEO wanted to see how much a person was paying or why they were so upset, they would normally have to log into multiple apps to find the answer. Or if a salesperson wanted to see what interactions a customer had with the rest of our team to prep for a call, well that actually felt impossible. It mostly looked like a bunch of Slack conversations and digging through Google Docs for notes.

But not with Pano.

Pano gives you a personalized snapshot of a customer in seconds. We know that your data is scattered across various platforms, from CRM tools to analytics platforms, and that's why we designed Pano to seamlessly integrate with your existing tools.

So, what exactly does Pano do? 🤔

🔍 Centralized Customer Snapshot: Say goodbye to manual data gathering and tedious tab-switching. Pano consolidates key customer data into a unified and easy-to-navigate dashboard.

📈 Data Insights Made Easy: Get a full-spectrum view of your customers, unique to your business. Whether it's pipeline data from Salesforce or payment information from Stripe, Pano's got you covered.

🛠️ Seamless Integration: Don't leave what you love. Pano seamlessly integrates with your existing customer data tools, saving you the hassle of switching to a new system.

🎨 Tailored View of a Customer: No two businesses are the same and neither are their customers. Pano allows you to create a personalized view of a customer that aligns with your specific needs.

🌐 Simple Browser Extension: Take Pano wherever you roam on the internet. With our simple browser extension you can pop open a customer's profile and stay in the flow.

🚀 Get going in minutes, not months: You don’t need circus-level training to use Pano. We've designed it to be super accessible to everyone on your team (including your CEO who can’t be bothered to log into your CRM). With Pano, everyone can find what they’re looking for.

We can't wait for you to try Pano and let us know what you think! And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Cheers!

More of a sit-back-and-watch kind of friend? Check out this short walk-through video we put together. (And let’s see if we can get as many views as I did takes on this one… yowza!)

Breena Fain
Storytelling at Plain Sight Ventures
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