The browser extension, launcher, and what we’re reading

Check out our latest features, plus the essay inspiring our team this week.

Breena Fain

Hey Pano fam, Breena here. I’m back with a few more updates for this week’s roundup. I know you like to keep things short and sweet, so let’s get into it!

New Post: How our team uses Pano

This week I wrote a lil’ diddy about how our team at Plain Sight Ventures (the makers of Pano) uses our own product. It’s not always the case that a team can use their own creation, but daaang it really is pretty life changing when you can.

BTW I once heard Gabe, our head of partnerships, say on a call, “we drink our own champagne,” which I feel is a supreme improvement to the age-old (and quite bizarre) phrase “eat our own dog food.” I mean… why?

Anyway, in that post I shared how what inspired us to build Pano and how we use it to improve our customer relationships, as well as keep internal grump levels to a minimum. Read the full post here.

Meet the Pano Browser Extension

We are so excited to share the new and improved Pano browser extension! Once you launch your Chrome or Firefox extension, you’ll be able to take the little Pano dude wherever you roam on the internet. And let me tell you, he’s a fine companion when you don’t want to be tab switching all-the-live-long-day. Check out the full walk-through on our YouTube channel.

NEW Feature: Personalize your dashboard

This week, I have not one, but two new features to share with you. The first one is an upgrade to your dashboard. We’ve added a personalization feature that allows you to customize your view of a customer’s snapshot. Since many of you have different opinions on what’s important (how dare you!), we decided why not just  build something that lets you lay things out the way you want. Being the beast that he is, Jeremy built it quickly and we think it’s pretty cool! Do you? Login in and find out.

Another NEW Feature: The Launcher

I can’t take credit for this name, though I’d love to try. The Launcher was built so that you could quickly pop into the integrations that are sending a customer’s data to Pano. In the example below, David’s Pano profile is being populated by tools such as Stripe, Salesforce and Zendesk. When you click the Launcher icon in the top-right, you’ll be able to see that list and go straight to David’s profile in those accounts.

What we’re reading…

I’m not really sure why you’d care what we’re reading, but I’d like to think it could be helpful (and fun!) to see what’s been inspiring our team. This week, we read Paul Graham’s essay How to Do Great Work and chatted about it in our Friday all-hands meeting.

Dang, y’all. This essay is chockfull of insights that inspired each of us. It’s hard to choose which ones were the most valuable, but I’d say we all were really pumped about the theme of curiosity that Graham weaved throughout the whole piece.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your colleagues, I’d suggest reading this together and scheduling time to talk about it. It definitely got us excited!

Well, that’s it for this week. If you want more of what’s goin on at Pano and Plain Sight Ventures, be sure to check out our recent dispatches over on the PSV site.

Have a great week!

Breena Fain
Storytelling at Plain Sight Ventures
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