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See the hot takes in this customer success thread and a few updates on Pano.

Breena Fain

Howdy! Breena here, back again with what’s new at Pano… and a juicy LinkedIn thread we’ve been chatting about. 👀

New Post: How Pano benefits everyone on your team

This week I shared my two cents on why everyone on your team needs to understand who your target customer is… and why. I’ve seen time and time again where a team starts to scale up and the disintegration happens. Slowly, everyone starts to segment their priorities by their teams and can’t agree on who their customer is and what their needs are. While Pano can’t define this for you, we do help keep everyone focused on your key customer. Check out the full post to learn how we do that.

Track events in Pano profiles

Many users came to us wanting more data about a customer they were viewing in Pano. They wanted to know how product usage stacked up against the interactions and other data we share in a profile. So we launched event tracking to do just that. Now when you go to a customer’s profile, you’ll be able to add that data to the snapshot and see it in the timeline for more context.

Mark your favorite customers

Got a few customers you’d like to keep a close eye on? Now you can favorite them and filter them on your dashboard. This makes it easier to reference customers quickly and see their health score by scanning the color on their avatar. You can also filter by recently active, recently viewed, relationships you own, and more.

What we’re reading: LinkedIn version

Our whole team is pretty active on LinkedIn. Maybe it’s the drain of social media in general that keeps us focused on one platform, but I do think there’s a surge of meaningful content there… more than X (Formerly Twitter), Instagram and the like.

This week we’re particularly enlightened by a thread by Angie Judge. And it seems like we’re not the only ones. As of this moment, there’s already over 1,300 comments. The topic is around customer success and how much is enough engagement with a customer. There are quite a few strong opinions here… go take a look and let us know what you think!

Breena Fain
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