Our favorite tools to integrate with Pano

The most popular tools in our community's tech stack... and a few of our own.

Gabe Caldwell

While it’s unfair to choose favorites, it’s true that there are some integrations that hit the top of the charts every time. And we’d love to share with you why. Whether its through popular user requests or they are ones we use ourselves here at Pano, these software tools come up again and again.


We use Zendesk for customer support here at Pano. We were looking for a super simple tool to help manage customer help requests, without all the fuss of additional features. There are four of us founders here and we all take turns responding to customers. Zendesk makes that easy with its auto-rotation and the app is great for staying on top of tickets.

It’s clear we’re not alone. Zendesk is one of the top customer support tools among our users. And with its integration to Pano, people find it helpful to view tickets alongside other key customer information.

Customer support teams are often kept in the dark from customer data. They’re tethered to their single support system and aren’t given much context that could help them answer questions faster. When you sync Zendesk with Pano, your entire support team is able to see every interaction that customer has had with colleagues, upcoming meetings, feature usage and more, all within one screen.

Integrating Zendesk also helps those who aren’t typically in there gain more context. If a C-Suite executive is wanting more information on a customer, they can simply login and view everything without bugging the customer support team.

Bonus: If you are using Zendesk alongside other software tools, be sure to check out this video. Breena shows you how Zendesk and the Pano extension work together to show you information in one screen.


This was one of the first integrations we built for Pano. Not everyone on our team logs into Stripe, or even as access, so it was difficult to show revenue numbers by customer anywhere. We could use our custom admin panel, but that was often a clunky experience and had isolated data unique to our product. We wanted to see payments and billing alongside meetings, email interactions, and anything else that may be relevant. Stripe’s integration with Pano helps us see all of that at once.


Whenever anyone sends out a survey to users, it is nearly impossible to track that in the timeline of other events occurring. The data is usually isolated somewhere in a form tool, Google sheets, etc. But with our Formstack integration, we can see whenever a form was submitted by a customer and relate that to other activity like feature usage and meetings scheduled. We can start to ask questions around whether submitting a certain survey or downloading a piece of content correlates with an increase in activity. This data is typically siloed across teams, and Pano helps put that together more easily.


We are major fans of Notion over here. We use it to track meeting notes, organize content calendars, plan team trips, manage our CRM, and a million other things. Our Pano integration with Notion was born out of our high usage of the product. We decided that a lot of CRM tools out there didn’t allow for the customization and note taking we needed, so we built our own in Notion. When a customer is added to a database or their status changes in a database, that automatically is sent to Pano. This allows us to quickly reference when a customer went from a cold lead to a hot lead, and whether or not a call happened during that switch.

It also helps us keep track if we ever add those customers to a case study database or any other database we create in Notion. All of that is visible in a person’s Pano profile.


We don’t use Pendo (yet), but this is a very popular one among our users. The folks who use Pano tend to be a bit bigger than us and need help tracking customer sentiment across teams. Pendo’s integration with Pano allows everyone in the company to see NPS ratings, feature usage, votes and more. All of this is viewable by user in Pano, so if you have an upcoming meeting with a customer, you have all of this information in one view.

Have your own favorite Pano integration partner that isn’t listed here? Or maybe you have a favorite software solution in your tech stack that we don’t integrate with yet. Be sure to let me know! Email me at gabe@gopano.io.

Gabe Caldwell
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